Monday, 3 March 2014

All about hair!

I've spoken about hair extensions on this blog before. They saved me from years of hair hatred when i had it all chopped off and using clip ins like the ones from Seekhair allowed me to have any style i wanted. Even now i have longer hair i think these give the perfect amount of volume, especially with a nice curled look.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Miami Taupe

Like i previously mentioned (here) Lily Lolo have had a make over and now look super sophisticated and much more expensive than they actually are. I'm not entirely sure why they decided to re-brand themselves as they were looking pretty enough as they were but i do think their new look is working wonders as i'm trying my best not to make an online order as i type.


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Ooh La La

Lily Lolo recently gave themselves a make over. Whilst i loved them and their look before, the packaging now screams higher end and it looks great. It's sleek, black and fairly compact, fitting in perfect with my make up collection. 

Friday, 7 February 2014

The Discovery Club

Here i have The Fragrance Shop's DiscoveryClub box* which is jam packed full of perfume samples as well as £5 off of each one featured in the box. It's the perfect way to experience new fragrances and see if you'd like to buy one. 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Starting A Youtube Channel

Today i have a guest post from the lovely Jessica all about starting a Youtube Channel, something i've always been too afraid to do mainly because i didn't even know how! She has a great blog so make sure you go and show it some love. 

Hello Zoe's fabulous readers, my name is Jessica and you can find me at my blog Colourful Stuff. It's a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog I've been running for six months now- wow it's gone quick! You may be wondering what I'm doing on here, well Zoe has been lovely enough to allow me to write a guest post based on starting YouTube :)

One of my resolutions this year was to start making YouTube videos, I haven't managed to take that step yet but I am completely ready to. How I've made sure I'm ready is what I'm going to be going through in this post so if you're a blogger who wants to start showing your face to the corner of the internet we call YouTube keep on reading!

I'm going to be writing the steps so you know not only how to start and make a YouTube channel but also the ins and outs of uploading the videos, promotion and more.

Where to start? You need to create your channel which means you have to decide on a name
The name is very important and realistically you should link it with your blog/social media accounts so everything is easy to find.
Make sure your name is unique so don't go calling yourself PointlessBlogger2 or Zoella12356!

Created your channel? Make it look great by uploading an iconchannel art, adding social links and arranging your content.
-Your Icon could be your logo if you have one or just picture of yourself. Whatever your icon is it needs
-Your channel art could match your blog/social channels or it could be specifically made for your channel. ---You don't need to go all out with Photoshop unless you really want to, you could just use a nice photo you have or write your name in a fancy font.
-Your content doesn't just have to show your videos, you can place content areas for videos you've liked, videos you've commented on and more. If you get people on your channel it's nice for them to be able to view other videos especially if you don't have many.

Channel finished? Time to focus on filming so you will need to get a camera that records videos.
-You don't need a fancy DSLR, in fact you can just use your phone's camera if that's what you've got, as long as it records film and sound then job done. There are a lot of cameras available though and of course the best type of cameras you can get to record videos would be video recorders or any digital cameras as the quality is better.
-You can also get accessories such as lights, microphones, remote controls and more which all add up to helping you record better videos.

Filmed your video? Transfer your video to your PC and get editing.
-You may be able to create the perfect video without editing, but of course that's unlikely. Most videos need a little bit of cropping here and there at the least.
-You're PC should come with it's own video editing software whether it's "Windows Movie Maker" or "iMovie" they're great because they're free, easy to use and do what you need.
-You can download different editing software for free if you don't want to go out and purchase one, just have a Google and choose what you like the most.
-Don't go mad when you edit your videos with transitions, text and more. People like to watch your videos to see your face and hear your voice not listen to a rock band and watch you sparkle.

Video edited? Upload the file to YouTube, choose a catchy title, create annotations and write your description box.
-Uploading the file is probably the easiest bit you'll do. Just make sure you have a good broadband connection and power.
-You should try and create a short and catch title, don't go writing long sentences. Try and make the title so it's easy to find when people search for it.
-Creating annotations isn't a must but it's great if there's things you want to say such as saying "Like if you agree".
-Your description box should be where you put everything you want. Your social links, music you used, who was in your video, related videos, links of products you spoke about, what you wearing, just anything that relates to your video! You'll be surprised how many people look at a description box in the hope to find out where a person's top is from.

Of course that isn't it there. You need to share your video across the whole of the internet.
-Write a blog post on your video, tell your readers what the video was about and if you have pictures to link it with, use them!
-Share your video on every social network possible, and don't just do it once! People won't be sick of seeing the same link because it's unlikely they'd of seen it once, remember everyone has different lifestyles and many live in different time zones.
-Comment on other people's videos to get their attention as well as their viewers attention.

Remember this is just the important things, the "musts" for starting a channel, making videos and sharing videos so don't think it stops there. I may write another post in the future with more tips for YouTube starters and owners.. if you and Zoe want me to!
Do you want to start a YouTube channel, or do you have one you'd like to share?